1000 Awesome Things

A while ago, my sister sent me a link to this blog listing 1000 awesome things.. things that were so everyday but so great at the same time. Because almost all of them you could relate to. Something you wouldn’t think to express out loud, nevertheless being something you definitely thought at some point or another in your everyday life. The posts just made me smile, and still do. I’d go through the list reading one every day and then I started to make my own. So I began noting down little things that I enjoyed – a good way to stay positive long-term, I thought. A way to remember the small things. The small things that make you feel good. It’s kind of satisfying… others sharing the exact same feeling as you. Even if it’s something as small as Getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail or Roasting the perfect marshmallow. I also particularly liked his #917 The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage.

So yeah – here’s one of probably a few posts dedicated to the things I think are awesome. I am in no way as articulate as Neil Pasricha so won’t ruin the essence of whatever it is I’m trying to say by attempting to describe it in my own words. Plus I like to think these are all things that don’t need to be explained. That’s the beauty of them. I hope you enjoy reading through my provisional list of 41 Awesome Things as much as I did with Neil’s:

  1. The smell of the bathroom after it’s just been cleaned
  2. Coming out of the shower and putting on pyjamas that have been on the radiator
  3. Ice cream melting on a pancake
  4. Getting matching cutlery from the drawer
  5. Guessing what’s for dinner right as you walk through the door
  6. Legal naps in the middle of the day
  7. Getting a really good present for someone and them liking it
  8. Beating eggs into the butter and sugar when you’re making cake
  9. Something that was bugging you being solved after letting it go, even though you really hadn’t
  10. Waking up thinking it’s a weekday when it’s Saturday
  11. Really good actors
  12. Understanding a reference in a TV programme
  13. Starting a new pack of lined paper
  14. Crying at a film
  15. Singing lyrics to a song
  16. Remembering something you couldn’t put your finger on
  17. Jumping waves
  18. Sharing a smile with someone you don’t know
  19. Pens that make your handwriting really neat
  20. Clear skies
  21. Gathering yourself during a (shared) laughing fit and then bursting out loud again just by looking at the other person’s face
  22. Picking up money you found on the street
  23. Pinky promises
  24. Someone remembering your name
  25. Consecutive songs on shuffle that you really felt
  26. Christmas Eve
  27. Listening to a song REALLY loud when no one’s home
  28. Strangers who are happy to strike a conversation
  29. Other people pointing out quirks you have
  30. Singing back the lyrics at a concert
  31. One of those obscure, underrated songs you like coming on the radio
  32. Stepping into fresh snow
  33. Free samples!
  34. Eating ice cream out of the carton
  35. People knowing you better than you do
  36. Tipping the remnants of the crisp packet into your mouth without getting them all over yourself
  37. Finding something you were looking for
  38. Perfectly wrapping a Christmas present with a leftover piece of wrapping paper
  39. Good movie trailers
  40. Laughing
  41. Not needing to finish your sentence because they already know what you mean

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