“(Be) unapologetically you.” – Steve Maraboli

I find it really hard to process and relate to a cheesy saying, no matter how truthful it might be. It has this feeling of trying to be inspirational but just ends up being cringey, leaving you regretting reading it in the first place. So when I have something meaningful to say, a message I want to put across if you will, I try to express it in a way that explains why I thought of it in the first place. So people can relate to it rather than want to dismiss it.

So for every socially awkward moment.

Every time you think twice before you say what you want to say.

Every time you stop yourself from doing something you want to do.

For every time all the thoughts in your head tell you not to do it.

Every time you didn’t do something because of how it could be misunderstood.

Every time you hesitated because you were worried about what people thought.

For every time you were too embarrassed to say what was on your mind.

Every time you didn’t do it because the world would think you were weird, lame, stupid, eager, boring, sad or a loser.

For every excuse you make up to convince yourself that it was the right thing to do. Or not to do. ; )

“(Be) unapologetically you.”

No one else has the same chance to be that person. And no one can do it any better.

What’s the point of doing life as someone else?

Take Ste’s advice and go smash it.

Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say..?



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