1000 Awesome Things #2

Yay more things we like.

42. Recognising similarities you have with the person you’re talking to

43. Banana perfection

44. Watching people help other people

45. Getting mail

46. Unexpectedly long conversations

47. Being inside when it’s chucking down with rain/the wind’s whistling outside

48. Really good ordering on your part when you eat out

49. The smell of baking bread

50. Leftovers for lunch

51. People genuinely complimenting you on something you weren’t sure about

52. Being fully prepared for the rain

53. Not needing to fill silences

54. The build up to Christmas

55. When it’s time to turn the clocks back again

56. Genuine waiters who aren’t just being friendly because they’re paid for it

57. Ranting to people who want to listen

58. Well-dressed people

59. Those 2 or 3 houses that get really into Christmas

60. Being around people who know you

61. Left-handed people

62. Not needing to explain yourself because they won’t be judging you

63. Describing something with anything other than words and them knowing exactly what you meant

64. A good playlist

65. Noticing your cold has gone

66. Unexpectedly receiving a postcard

67. Remembering why you’re such good friends with someone in the middle of a catch-up

68. Perfectly cooking the runny yolk

69. That brief window where you actually like the length of your hair

70. When people don’t compliment you immediately after complimenting someone in your presence because they feel like they have to

71. Biscuits with tea

72. When your past self had your future self’s back

73. Taking off your socks at the end of the day

74. Bumping into someone you actually like

75. The day it’s warm enough that you don’t need a coat when you go outside

76.  People starting a conversation with you

77. Things that are in walking distance

78. Reliable umbrellas

79. Witnessing someone’s good deed of the day


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