1000 Awesome things #3

Bit of a short one but haven’t done one of these in a while and as I was writing some of them, I realised some are probably quite niche and specific to me or if I’m lucky, one other human being on this planet but humour me will you. Enjoy!

80. When you find the book you were looking for in the library

81. Someone liking what you recommended

82. Ordering well at a restaurant

83. When the bin is already open so you don’t need to touch it

84. Really soft slices of bread when you first open the loaf

85. Closing your eyes and feeling the sun on your face

86. Food that’s nice and good for you

87. Food that’s nice and isn’t good for you

88. People who ask if you need any help when you’re lost (or even better, when you’re not lost at all)

89. Swings

90. The sizzling (and smell!) of a BBQ

91. People who are really happy to help you carry your overfilled suitcase down a flight of stairs

92. Listening to people’s music when they stop for a few seconds in traffic

92. People who make the effort to include you in the conversation.

93.The day you open the door and the weather is so nice you can barely tell the difference between inside and out

94. The sound of children playing in a playground. (In a completely non-creepy way)

95. Seeing a really nice-coloured car

96. The sound of cereal when you mix it in the milk with your spoon

97. When you’ve finished a pack of something but suddenly find another one at the bottom or that fell out onto the table haha

98. When coat season is over

99. Realising you’ve gotten over something



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